Osclass – Aurum theme 2.1.6

Updated: 31-08-2019

Change all the design of the entire theme, all divs colors and font sizes, build your own schemes easily by via admin, without any programing skills, and other extra options.

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• True HTML 5 completed without any error.

• True css 3 completed without any error.

• Free installation, configuration, assistence and updates.

• Fully responsive for all type of devices and screens.

• Advanced search with multiple countries or only one.

• Grid / list instantaneous.

• Admin footer links.

• Ads management for Banner and adsense.

• Widgets management in header and footer.

• System of build your own schemes.

• Help Manual page.

• Multiple extra options.

• All plugins compatible with modern theme, also is compatible with aurum theme.

Advanced Product Description

Change all theme with your design: all divs, all fields, titles, font sizes, colors, etc. Build your own schemes, easily by via admin with pic color and fields to font sizes. Front end with live preview only to admin for follow your progress, in a unique powerful tool!

Create your own scheme colors, make any scheme created as default, delete schemes, disable schemes with manage schemes admin page, without any programing skills.

Save schemes, remove schemes, recover css files, see current list css files, status of css files with each scheme, and many other options via admin.

About system of schemes:

Only admin can see your live progress in front end in real time.

The admin don’t need stop your site for customize a scheme.

The visitors can visit or site 24 hours a day, when admin work in a custom scheme, and no visitor can detect it.

The website run normally for admin and visitors, anyway is just css code in progress, light as a feather.

Admin can show your schemes in front end, and make one own scheme or any other as default theme of your website.

All switch schemes in front end menu, is instantaneous.

Each visitor after latest click a scheme, that scheme will be appears again when he visit your site again, in a period of 30 days.

After 30 days if he not choose any other scheme in menu, he will see default theme chosen by admin.

The same process to admin.

In front end after click a scheme in menu, all pages show the scheme color chosen, included 404.php page.

Custom theme?

If you need aurum theme customized by the developer, you can contact for a budget. The work include change the name of the theme and all the parameters and functions with that unique theme name you like, for your theme remain unique. All design colors, font sizes, font faces, and other custom needs for your project. Minimum time estimate is one month for finish.

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