Google maps routes 1.2.4 available!

Save time to your visitors and users to find proper route to address of ad. Simple and fast obtain the best route with other stop points.

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How it works?

The visitor need insert your current location in the first field, then in second field exist the location of ad (Country, Region, City and City Area). Click route button and you see the plotted route (A -> B) or multiple routes (A -> B -> C ->…) .

Note: for the plugin to function correctly the advertiser must choose the region for your ad. The visitor cannot change the automatic location in the field (blocked) of advertiser. This means, all the routes will go into the ad address of the advertiser, per many points inserted by visitor/user.


The cartographic data are presented in any language in your osclass, meaning that the visitor can choose the language on your website and the map data will appear in that language.


Show / Hide – content of mapTo top – map


For all content (divs, fields, map and cartographic data)Compatibility:Google Maps Image plugin | Google Maps RoutesRequirement:Last Google Maps Osclass plugin (Installed and active) Need be the original in Osclass Market.

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