DualClass 2.0.1 Vouchers premium theme to osclass

Live demo here

See page product here

This software allow you to use two different mode in a single theme: vouchers or standard ads. Only one can be used chosen by admin. Two domains is allowed per licence.

The theme allow users can publish type of voucher (campaign or single product), with voucher code.

The code can be copied by user with click on button and redirect to website of seller/store.

User can publish:

– Voucher type

– Percentage to campaigns

– Price and discount to single products

– Voucher codes (cannot be edited after published by rule)

– External link to purchase product / campaign products

– Terms & conditions for campaign or single product (optional, but cannot edit after published by rule)

– Expiration mode: user choose the expiration date on calendar (date picker), or admin will choose a fix date, or per category if not empty.(priority is user choose the expiration date).

– Picker date can be controled by admin with max date until 12 months (minimum required by default is 8 days)

– On this theme not exists possibility to items not expire. By default 8 days is required to expire any item publish.

Admin can:

– upload images of partners or for other purpose.

– Testimonials cannot be translated, but users can sent them by contact form. Admin need to add manually the testimonials.

This theme have included some plugins directly on theme:

– price discount, clock countdown and vouchers (exclusive).

Not exist much more to say, the live demo is the best reference to you test what you need to see.


If you intend to purchase this theme you need read the licence. After your purchase you will agree with licence.

Licence of use:

############ DualClass osclass theme by CMD Digital pro #################

This commercial product have authoral rights and own development of CMD Digital pro.

Only to personal licence:

The use of this product does not allow user (Client of licence) to distribute or provide content with other people or companies.

Use of this software with a valid license entitles you to modify the product only for the benefit of your personal use on your two main domains with rules of use:

The license allows you to use this software with a two-domain limit, only to different project types (vouchers or standard ads). This means, with a single licence is not permited use a repeated project twice on different domains.

For multi-domains each licence is valid only to one domain, but with a reduction price of product by quantity. (Avaiable directly only by CMD Digital pro website).

It is prohibited resell, promote or advertise this commercial product in different markets that do not belong to the osclass market itself. Only CMD Digital pro (author of this commercial product) have permission on own market, or other market.

Failure to comply with the license terms may entail a court order, and we will do everything in order to obtain judicially all the rights, including the expenses involved.

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